3 goals for a first date

The more you learn about relationships, the more you tend to overthink things. Simplify the dating game and know the goals. There are 3 goals for the first date, but these are not the aims at the night’s conclusion. 

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Enjoy your next first date with your new understanding of these dating goals in mind. The next Portland escorts you meet might be the right ones, so go for the goals and win their heart. 

First Goal

Although a date can be stressful, this is most likely due to the uncertainty surrounding it and its outcomes. The first goal is to have fun.

People usually feel awkward on a first date, forgetting that a date should be enjoyable. Go out on a date to have a good time. This explains why many daters want fun activities on their dates, such as going to a mall, eating out, or watching a movie. 

Second Goal 

The second goal is to eliminate the uncertainty. So, daters make an effort to learn more about the other person. Humans are uncomfortable with uncertainty. Therefore we communicate to lessen it and get to know the other person. 

Going on a first date helps you to understand more about the person you’re seeing. Eventually, something about that individual piqued your interest, and now you’re attempting to learn more about your date. 

Third Goal

The third goal is to evaluate romantic possibilities, seeing whether there is a future and whether they could date more often.

Is it amazing if we all came up with a report on our previous relationships? Unfortunately, most of our lives don’t have a full report. So questions about previous relationships are asked during a first date. 

On the other hand, a first date is like an extended test drive with a romantic partner. You’re looking at their mileage, speed, and comfort—in other words, is this a loaner, rental, lease, or are you buying the car? There will most likely be a second date.

Other Goals

Many people have other goals for the first date. We ask people out in whom we have a physical interest. 

Therefore it should be no surprise that having a sexual relationship is a dating goal. It could be a kiss or being able to get make out.

Though it may seem perplexing to some, another first date goal is to form a friendship. That’s right, as if dating wasn’t challenging enough, friendship is a first date goal. Some believe that good relationships begin as friendships, and research supports this. 

First Date Goals Simplified 

First dates aim to establish if a second date is possible. Would you hang out again? Can we find additional shared interests? Am I curious about my date, and does my date want to be with me?

If you feel lukewarm, but there were no early red flags or particularly unpleasant moments, give the date another try. The first date concerns overcoming nerves, getting comfortable, and building rapport. 

Feeling fireworks on the first date is for the lucky few. If you don’t feel the spark, do not ignore the person, as second and third dates can be magical.